All About mainly play

mainly play started in 2016 as ‘joy filled’, play-based sessions that contribute to the development of both parents or primary care givers and their children. Children are developing numeracy and literacy skills, concentration, language skills, extending their fine motor skills, socialising with others and more. Grown-ups are encouraged in their parenting role as well as given time for interaction with their young child. Each mainly play is associated with and is run by volunteers from a local church. Children are introduced to stories, music, creativity and more. Plus families are given a chance to think about the God-part of life. Amazing to think that all this can be achieved in a loving, shared family environment.

A message from Jo Hood

Hi there. I’m Jo Hood and I lead the mainly play and mainly music organisations.

Over 25 years ago, mainly music commenced as a way for families with young children to enjoy interaction with their children and find community and friendship with families in the same life stage. Out of this has come mainly play, another way for families to connect, children to be exposed to educational concepts, and for parents to enjoy time with their children and each other.

There is an African proverb that states, It takes a village to raise a child. That’s the type of environment we want to create in every mainly play.


The dream we have for your mainly play experience is that you’ll find yourself enjoying a safe, nurturing environment where connection occurs. 

You can connect with your young one. The sessions are designed for grown-up and child interaction. You might be a Mum or Dad, a grandparent or a home-based caregiver.

You can expect to connect with others who are at a same life stage. Parents, grandparents, carers – those with their first born, their subsequent born and their delightful surprise. Connect with these people and know you are not alone in this parenting and caring journey. 

We want your child to connect with the educational enhancement. These sessions have been designed to encourage grown-up and child connection and through that, for children to advance. Early childhood trained people have been involved in the session designs to ensure the outcomes will assist children while also keeping the atmosphere relaxed and encouraging. 

In your involvement, we’d also love for you to connect with the local church who partner with our organisation to make the sessions happen. Churches are more than places of spiritual nurture; they provide a place of community and friendship. Many are equipped for practical family assistance – like baby dedications, marriage ceremonies and meal provision. And for those tough times – like conducting funerals and the provision of counselling.

As I lead this organisation, I pay tribute to those who are often unseen. Our staff team and board members who carry the vision and passion to support and resource the thousands of volunteers who bring mainly play and mainly music sessions to families every week.

In fact, I’d love to hear about your experience – so why don’t you drop me an email.

Choose project:

Fires, floods and other nasties
Families at risk
Bring connection during Covid-19
Fires, floods and other nasties
If there has been a natural (or man made) disaster in your country, like fires, floods or even terrorism, and you'd like to support the groups in that area, depending which country you give from, we'll make sure these groups get help. The money will go to celebration items (like Christmas books or birthday gifts) and financial support of the local groups affected.
Families at risk
We're connecting with families who don't always see the value of mainly music sessions first off - but when they attend other services provided by agencies and participate, their smiles return as they connect with their child. It fills mum's life and develops the bond with her children.
Bring connection during Covid-19
We have many stories where mothers say, "I went to my GP. I was told to go on medication. I found mainly music. I don't need medication at all." Post natal depression, social isolation, anxiety along with Covid-19 restrictions can stop anyone in their tracks. Contributing to this fund from anywhere in the world will help those mainly music groups who are struggling financially.
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